A safe value for more than 50 years and a commitment to international quality

A presence throughout the national territory

caprice-grandes-surfacesUntil today and since 1965, the SPS Caprice Sugar Products Company is a leader in its field.

It supplies all the kiosks, general food, supermarket, supermarket and hypermarket of the national territory in soft caramel and bubble gum.

This long experience has allowed him to acquire all good practices in terms of packaging and mass packaging.

Our know-how in the field can be summed up in our ability to satisfy the market whatever the demand and the season in any desired quantity.

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exportation-capriceA presence in the whole world

For years, Caprice confectionery remained the best ambassador of kindness, sharing and Algerian good mood.

Signed by a family know-how of over 50 years, Caprice has traveled all over the world, has exported to different countries and has accompanied many local and foreign tourists in their quest for original and atypical product.

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